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The Butterfly Blog

A Letter to My Fears

November 26, 2019 Anna Krjatian

One night this year, I wrote this letterĀ to my fears. What shocked me is that more than anything, my biggest fear was ...

How I Wrote Myself out of Depression - Podcast Interview

November 19, 2019 Anna Krjatian

The Now Media interviews Anna Krjatian on her journey out of depression and how she used writing and journaling to save herself. They also chat about mental health, the negative implications of sympathy, how to hold space for someone going through mental health and the birth of the Own Your Inner Light Workshops.

When Your Soul Feels Restless - A Reflective Poem

November 12, 2019 Anna Krjatian

When I can't sleep, I write. Often, the muse visits me around midnight or the early hours of the morning and I write poetry. This particular poem is about fatigue of the soul.

A Letter to Strong Women

November 04, 2019 Anna Krjatian

A few months ago I was helping out at a retreat where the organiser psychologically and verbally abused me. While it was a painful experience, I turned to pen and paper and transformed it into something beautiful.

I Used To - A Reflective Poem

October 24, 2019 Anna Krjatian

A poem that reflects many personal beliefs that I used to holdĀ and am now questioning.