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School Talks and Workshops

Are you looking for a speaker for your students who's been there and done that? Who's overcome turbulent conditions and challenges outside of their control and still managed to focus and achieve high results not only at school, but also through University and beyond? 

Then consider hiring Anna Krjatian for your next school event.

After graduating high school with a UAI of 90.7%, Anna experienced extreme burn out and did depression for several years. Her mental health challenges were in part tied to the emotional and psychological abuse she experienced at home and also in part with having her worth inherently tied to her achievements. 

Once she graduated, Anna took a gap year, which turned into a two year break. She then completed her Bachelor of Communications at Western Sydney University, majoring in Media Arts and Production and sub-majoring in Acting. She finished her degree with Distinction, qualifying for the Dean's Merit List for two years out of three, and was the Vice President for university's Golden Key International Honour Society - an America honour society that recognises the academic merit of the top 10% of students. 

After she graduated from her degree, Anna entered the fast paced corporate and SMB environments as a Personal and Executive Assistant, communications manager and marketing assistant. 

Through this entire time, she spent 10 years healing, meditating and writing herself out of depression. This lends Anna the ability to connect with students in a real and authentic manner and share from lived experience.

In her talks she shares how students can balance your mental health with with the passions and academic accomplishments to find contentment and happiness in their daily life. As a high achiever and experience working in fast-paced corporate environments, Anna can teach students how to prioritise tasks, set goals and accomplish them, reframe their negative experiences in a constructive way and find peace amongst the chaos of modern life.

As someone who walks the talk, Anna's talks have students feeling inspired to be and do better. She shares with them practical mental health tools, tips and guidance to navigate adult life after the structure and safety of the school environment.