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Keynotes and Events

If you're looking for an inspirational speaker for your next event, Anna Krjatian's story will inspire everyone at your next event!

From fleeing war at four years of age, seeking asylum, migrating four countries by 11 years, overcoming emotional and psychological abuse, and many other obstacles, heartbreak and challenges, Anna has managed to turn her pain into her purpose.

In seven years, she's successfully 'self'-published three books, over-funded three Kickstarter campaigns, founded the Goddess Rising Workshop and Goddess Rising Sisterhood, run dozens of masterclasses and spoken at dozens of events. 

Whether you're looking to fill 15 or 30 minute keynote speaker slot or a full hour presentation, Anna will inspire your audience and impart with them nuggets of wisdom that will change the trajectory of their life and empower them towards becoming and doing better.