Goddess Rising Workshop

The Butterfly now offers workshops and coaching for women who are looking to heal and overcome depression, anxiety, physical and emotional abuse, inter-generational blocks and shame, feelings of unworthiness and guilt and transform their pain into their purpose.

Goddess Rising is an online group workshop for women spanning 8 weeks. It combines a variety of journaling and goal-setting practices and modalities that helped Anna Krjatian heal her traumas and accomplish many goals (including publishing three books and launching all her businesses) and uncovering her soul's purpose.

We meet weekly, with a group chat available for support between sessions. Each week focuses on a different topic. The first 4 weeks focus on journaling activities for the following: 

  • Writing your current life story
  • Reflecting on your life/year to date
  • Reframing stories and beliefs
  • Completing a life inventory
  • Writing your new life tory

The last 4 weeks focus on goal-setting and uncovering our life's purpose. They include the following: 

  • Uncovering your why
  • Creating a vision board for your life
  • Goal setting using the 8 Trees of Life
  • Framing your goals correctly (using your whole brain)
  • Goal management as monthly, weekly and daily objectives

While these topics may seem familiar to you, Anna delivers them in a unique approach with additional resources and real-life examples that add depth to your experience.

So that you feel seen and heard in each session, Anna only takes on 5 participants at a time. This way Anna can devote the required attention and guidance to each participant.

Goddess Rising is ideal for you if:

  • You are transitioning in life - maybe you feel stuck in your career or personal life, or you're getting married/divorced/newly single/in a relationship, or you feel stuck and frustrated with your life
  • You are desiring connection with a like-minded community where you feel safe and seen
  • You are starting on a personal development and healing journey, you might not know where or how to get started and desire support, encouragement and access to the right tools 
  • You are in a dark space
  • You believe you deserve to be happy and healthy and radiant
  • You are tired of living a victim story and want to be a victor instead
  • You are lost, exhausted and fed up with your life as it is and seek guidance, love, support and safety to find your spark again
  • You want to transform your pain to purpose
  • You want to heal your heartache
  • You want to activate your inner Goddess
  • You want to rise into your power and live your authentic truth

Scroll through the page to read Lory's, Jen's and Melissa's testimonials of the workshop and how it's changed their life.

If you would love to learn more, have any questions, or are interested in joining the next intake (at this stage, it's likely to be end of September 2022), use the contact form below to reach out to Anna for more info and to be added to the waiting list.

A Lovely Launch - Book Launch Speech 2018

Unmasking Depression - Book Launch Speech 2015

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Anna Krjatian wears a white top, red lipstick, holding a pink flower in one hand, standing next to a fence and laughing.

3 Successful Kickstarters

"Self"-publishing 3 books in 7 years is no easy feat. In fact, having decided to print them in Australia, it was costlier too. So, Anna decided involve the community with the funding process. With everyone's help, she successfully over-funded 3 Kickstarter campaigns. The results were humbling and inspiring: Unmasking Depression (2nd edition) funded $2677 in 14 days with a $1610 goal, Lovely - Poetry on Love and Loss funded $6414 in 14 days with a $6000 goal, and Lovelier - The Goddess and The Dragon funded $8244 in 21 days with a $8000 goal. Check out all the fun in the link below.

Kickstarter Fun

Dear Diary - Ad Copy for Visit NSW

Thirst - Copy + Voiceover

Anna Krjatian signing a book at the Lovely book launch event in Sydney Harbour.

Blog Copywriting and Editing

Read some of the blogs Anna wrote and edited for her client, Armstone, a natural stone supplier in Glebe, Sydney.

If you're interested in a social media strategy, check out her work for Armstone's Instagram account here.

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Anna Krjatian standing in a power post - with hands on her hips, with a fountain and trees behind her and the logo for "Women's Weekly Women of the Future and Qantas International" in the top left hand corner.

Women of the Future Semi-Finalist 2016

In 2016, Anna Krjatian's bookUnmasking Depressionwas chosen as one of the fifteen semi-finalists out of 5000 applicants, for the Australian Women's Weekly and Qantas Women of the Future Competition. Read her entry below.

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Diversity Arts Australia - Creative Lives Series

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