As a master wordsmith and word architect, Anna Krjatian has over 15 years experience in writing and editing everything from short stories, blogs, presentations, business proposals, essays, poems and scripts.

So if you need something new written, or something old revised, reach out and experience the magical power of words.

Anna studied all 4 units of English in NSW and completed both Extension 1 and Extension 2 English with a score over 90%. Her University essays ranged between a Distinction and High Distinction average and she completed her degree in Communications (majoring in Media Arts and Production and sub-majoring in Acting) with Distinction and two - out of three - years on the Dean's Merit List.

Anna has helped many authors re-write and edit their books and has much experience with writing copy for ads, social media and blogs. She has an innate skill for simplifying complicated ideas and making them easy to read, logical and relatable to the reader as though you are talking directly to them. Anna's breadth of knowledge, scientific mind and creative flair allow her to simplify complex ideas and concepts into digestible and easy to understand messages.

Scroll through this page to read some examples of her work and testimonials from clients. 

If you'd like Anna's help for an editing or copywriting project, reach out to her using the contact form below.

A Lovely Launch - Book Launch Speech 2018

Unmasking Depression - Book Launch Speech 2015

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Anna Krjatian wears a white top, red lipstick, holding a pink flower in one hand, standing next to a fence and laughing.

3 Successful Kickstarters

"Self"-publishing 3 books in 7 years is no easy feat. In fact, having decided to print them in Australia, it was costlier too. So, Anna decided involve the community with the funding process. With everyone's help, she successfully over-funded 3 Kickstarter campaigns. The results were humbling and inspiring: Unmasking Depression (2nd edition) funded $2677 in 14 days with a $1610 goal, Lovely - Poetry on Love and Loss funded $6414 in 14 days with a $6000 goal, and Lovelier - The Goddess and The Dragon funded $8244 in 21 days with a $8000 goal. Check out all the fun in the link below.

Kickstarter Fun

Dear Diary - Ad Copy for Visit NSW

Thirst - Copy + Voiceover

Anna Krjatian signing a book at the Lovely book launch event in Sydney Harbour.

Blog Copywriting and Editing

Read some of the blogs Anna wrote and edited for her client, Armstone, a natural stone supplier in Glebe, Sydney.

If you're interested in a social media strategy, check out her work for Armstone's Instagram account here.

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Anna Krjatian standing in a power post - with hands on her hips, with a fountain and trees behind her and the logo for "Women's Weekly Women of the Future and Qantas International" in the top left hand corner.

Women of the Future Semi-Finalist 2016

In 2016, Anna Krjatian's bookUnmasking Depressionwas chosen as one of the fifteen semi-finalists out of 5000 applicants, for the Australian Women's Weekly and Qantas Women of the Future Competition. Read her entry below.

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