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Lovelier - The Goddess and The Dragon

Lovelier - The Goddess and The Dragon
The Book

What happens when a Goddess falls in love with a Dragon, or two or three? If it sounds explosive, it is.

In her third book, Lovelier - The Goddess and The Dragon, Anna Krjatian shares a collection of autobiographical love poems that take you on a journey of chance encounters that turn into romantic rendezvous, heartbreaks, profound epiphanies and deep healing.

The sequel to Lovely - Poetry on Love and Loss, the poems in Lovelier present one woman’s journey of breaking through the past to find herself, her voice and her worth.

Join her in her journey and maybe find your own worth along the way too.

The Author

Author, entrepreneur and women's trauma healer, Anna Krjatian is the founder of the Goddess Rising Workshop and director of The Butterfly. She believes that everyone’s pain has a purpose and teaches people how they can transform their traumas through writing and goal setting. Anna has saved herself from suicide and written herself out of depression and helped hundreds of women find their power and rise into their Goddess energy. She is the author of Unmasking Depression, Lovely - Poetry on Love and Loss and the sequel Lovelier - The Goddess and The Dragon. In She is also a 2016 semi-finalist in the Australian Women's Weekly and Qantas Woman of the Future Award and editor of Teens Big Dreams. When she was four, Anna's parents fled war torn Georgia, seeking asylum and a new life for their children. She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.