From New York City, With Love - A Poem About Our Recent Travels

From New York City, With Love - A Poem About Our Recent Travels

New York Skyline Central Park
New York Skyline from Central Park
Photo by Anna Krjatian

"There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless."
Simone Beauvoir

It's been very quiet on here, not without due course. You see, I just spent two weeks travelling to one of the greatest cities in the world - New York. Oh how I fell in love with this place, I'm not sure there are words enough to describe or adjectives powerful enough to paint the picture or emotions strong enough to express such intensity and energy that is generated and inspired by this city. 

So in lieu of that, I wrote this poem. I'm back and inspired and on a mission to share this excitement with all around me.

From New York City, With Love

It has been a bit quiet on this front,
Because we've been fluttering across the stars
And reaching new heights, new extremes
And making progress across the seams.

On this journey, we've spread our wings
And met many people across the seas
From Toronto and Vancouver
To New York and even Utah!

On our travels, we learnt much
Especially that perspective helps us laugh
Mostly at the little things we experience in life
That we should brush off and just let them slide.

It also taught us the importance of love
Of the people in our lives
And how much we can miss their sight and presence
And their soul and youthful essence.

Now we're back and ready to unite
The lessons and visions with all our might
And I hope you'll join us in our verse
And together we'll sing to heal the universe

Because it takes one voice to teach a song
One voice can inspire others to join along
And when together, we'll sing with purpose
We can change the world through our service.

By Anna Krjatian
A poem reflecting my recent trip to America.

Anna Krjatian
is the founder and director of The Butterfly and the author of Unmasking Depression. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Welcome back! Glad you had such an amazing time!
Thanks for your inspirational words. I’m looking forward to going there myself some day, so now I know it’s an absolute definite for travelling.
I love when you visit places that just leave you with indescribable emotions and make you want to burst and just do things because you have so much energy.


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