Christmas Presence - A Christmas Poem

Christmas Presence - A Christmas Poem

"We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill

Dearest friends, fans and family, it's been a bit quiet from my end of the world because I am taking a much needed break (that beach is part of my break, it is simply heavenly).

Before I sign off for the next few days, I want to wish you all Merry Christmas and thank you for your support, comments, friendship, for sharing my work and the message in it. Thank you for your presence in this world, without you, it would have been a very different place. 

Also, here's a little Christmas poem from me to you. Hope your holidays are holy and full of wonder and miracles. May you reflect on the year that has been and envision the year you want to be. 

Keeping smiling.

You got this!

Christmas Presence
Merry Christmas family and friends
From me and my crazy cats.
May it be the best one yet and
Be the precedent for the next year's set. 
Live and love and laugh a lot,
You'll never know when it all will stop.
And give out love and light, everyday,
You never know who it will touch that way.
So this Christmas, as we reflect
Let's give thanks for all we have
Because the biggest blessing in our life
Is a heart that beats to keep us alive.
And the best presents of them all
Cannot be wrapped into a ball
Cannot be stacked under the tree
Because the best presents are friends and family.
Love, Hugs and Blessing,

Anna Krjatian

Anna Krjatian is the founder and director of The Butterfly and the author of Unmasking Depression. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
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Lovely! Hope you had a wonderful and rejuvenating Christmas ready to take 2016 by storm. :-)


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