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The Butterfly Blog

Creating Boundaries With Your Family - Podcast Interview

April 01, 2020 Anna Krjatian

"No is a complete sentence." ~ Anna Lamont In December 2019, I was interviewed by Keri Roberts who runs the "Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things" podcast.  My friend, Jojo, suggested I send Keri an Instagram message to see if she would be open to the opportunity of interviewing me and my story.  It is with much joy to share the podcast with you! I share a lot about my story and how I overcame many struggles in setting boundaries with family (and friends).In order to live a peaceful and abundant life, we must set healthy boundaries with ourselves and others. I will let the podcast do...

To Self-Publish or Not To Self-Publish - That Is the Question

April 12, 2016 Anna Krjatian

Are you are writer and want to publish your work but don't know whether to self-publish or go through a publishing company? In this blog I explore the pros and cons for each in hope to help you with your decision.

Poem - This Is My Mask, I Call It Depression

November 30, 2015 Anna Krjatian

A poem dedicated to all those who feel strong but have moments of darkness engulf them. May it inspire you to keep going through life.

Inside Out - What Does Pixar Teach Us About Emotions?

November 02, 2015 Anna Krjatian

In a world overrun with depression and suicide, Pixar's story shows how each human emotion plays a role in our life..

What Lessons Can We Learn From The Movie Frozen?

October 12, 2015 Anna Krjatian

A few weeks ago I finally watched the movie, Frozen. In this blog I explore the important lessons I learnt from it.