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The Butterfly Blog

Give From the Saucer - Accidental Author Podcast Interview

April 23, 2020 Anna Krjatian

Eight years ago I thought I had two choices: to jump off my balcony or move out of home. Except jumping off the balcony wasn't a choice. In this interview I share how I wrote myself out of depression, published my book and why I am passionate about helping others transform their pain into their purpose.

A Year Ago Today - One Year Book Launch Anniversary

May 14, 2016 Anna Krjatian

Today marks the one year book launch anniversary of "Unmasking Depression". Join us in our reflection of the year that has been.

Connections vs Connection - The Art of Building Relationships and Influence

April 27, 2016 Anna Krjatian

Connections and connection: the only difference between the two words is that extra ā€˜sā€™, yet that one letter makes a world of difference to the meaning of the words.This week's blog explores 5 ways that you can nurture and foster a deeper connection in your relationships.